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This natural-based soap has a variety of herbs and spices essential for good health and well-being. With the added X-Factor blend of TurmeriX, this soap will leave your skin feeling nourished and soft. Perfect if you have dry skin, sensitive skin, and other skin conditions.
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Anna Ray I am a sceptic, very hard to convince and very hard to sell to. I have been on this stuff for just two weeks so far, taking it only once a day. The swelling around my ankles disappeared on about day 4 and has never been back. The swelling around my knees, caused by osteoarthritis has also come down considerably. The taste becomes more tolerable each day. I am certainly going to continue with this.
Reply • Message • October 25

Michelle Cooper My knees have been experiencing terrible pain for so many years, and even getting back into the gym I haven't even been able to lunge. Since meeting Sam at an expo a few weeks ago, I started using the TumeriX, and my knees have never felt better!
Reply • Message • October 1

Kerry Phillips I work for a natural medicine company and although we have curcumin tablets. I met with Tammy from Redcliffe and we discussed the ingredients found in TurmeriX. We have also been making Golden Paste for our dogs. Well last year I was diagnosed with needing a knee replacement, but the hospital says I am too young. I have been experiencing severe pain and I work in warehousing on my feet all day, taking painkillers so I can get through the day. Well I started taking TurmeriX on Saturday...we are now at Monday..and I waited all day for the pain to kick in..nothing!! My knee was still tight but that feeling that you have been stabbed with a screwdriver never came. I would never have believed it in a million years that it could work so fast. Thank you Tammy we will definately be in touch!!
Reply • Message • February 19

Katie Davis I have been using this product now for nearly 3 years with fabulous results. My Oncologist first put me onto TurmeriX whilst I was having chemo for Breast and Ovarian cancer and it was integral in my recovery. I am forever indebted to this magic tub of Orange Powder.....it has given me back my life and what a great life I now have. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou.
Reply • Message • November 27

Gary Leigh I picked up a container at a show. Now, I've only been taking this for a week, adding it to my morning coffee, but from the very first cup, I found my sugar cravings completely vanished. Right now, I'm down from three and half sugars in my coffee to just one. I've also not had any craving for chocolate or snacks. Also, I've found that my appetite has been suppressed, so I'm not eating or snacking between meals. Otherwise, I'm eating normally with a reasonable appetite. It's only the first week, but I can certainly feel an immense difference and maybe I might finally lose weight.
Reply • Message • June 16

Grant Mitchell After recent shoulder reconstruction, the surgeon expected that I would be on strong painkillers up to 10 days after the operation. I started TurmeriX- 3 capsules, 3 times a day, I never had to take Endone and only used Panadol for 4 days after surgery. Since then I have basically taken the TurmeriX Capsules like you would Panadol for pain - 2 capsules every 4-6 hours. I feel TurmeriX has greatly sped up my recovery from the surgery.
Reply • Message • January 14

Your order will be sent out from our warehouse in Washington

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